Preoperative autologous blood donation in primary total knee arthroplasty: a single-centre experience on 214 consecutive patients.

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Franchini M, Regis D, Gandini G, Corallo F, de Gironcoli M, Aprili G.
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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Although preoperative autologous blood donation (PABD) is a widespread practice in elective orthopedic surgery, it is controversial whether this procedure avoids allogeneic blood transfusions in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty (TKA). PATIENTS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective study on 214 consecutive patients undergoing PABD before elective primary TKA. RESULTS: Thirty-eight patients (17.8%) were transfused with autologous red blood cells (RBC), while four of them (10.5% of those requiring transfusions, 1.9% of all patients) also received allogeneic RBC. The transfused patients were, in most cases, female and had significantly lower basal and preoperative haemoglobin levels. CONCLUSIONS: Based on the results of this study, PABD is not necessary in most patients undergoing TKA, although older female patients with low basal haemoglobin levels could benefit from a predeposit programme and/or erythropoietin support in order to reduce the risk of exposure to allogeneic blood

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