The role of intravenous iron in anemia management and transfusion avoidance.

Editorial: Transfusion
Fecha: 01/05/2008
Auerbach M, Goodnough LT, Picard D, Maniatis A.

Parenteral iron preparations available in the past
were associated with a risk of anaphylaxis and
death, which made physicians reluctant to use
them. The formulation most frequently responsible
for these serious adverse events is high-molecularweight
iron dextran (HMW ID). The availability, first in
Europe and more recently in the USA, of three other
preparations (low-molecular-weight [LMW] ID, iron
sucrose, and ferric gluconate), with a much better safety
profile, is changing the pattern of use, thus prompting this
review of paradigms of anemia correction by intravenous
(IV) iron administration, with an emphasis on transfusion

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